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English Language Program

150 Fast Track

All students placed in DAS 150 who are eligible for Advanced English I in three skill areas (with only one skill area which is not ready for Advanced English I) will be placed in a special section of DAS 150 called 150 Fast Track. In addition to meeting the above criteria, returning students must also be students in good standing (not on probation or reinstatement). 


DAS 150 Fast Track follows the regular 150 curriculum, but uses a different set of textbooks and moves at a faster pace than traditional 150 classes.  As time allows, instructors will incorporate skills from the Advanced English I level into the 150 Fast Track classes.

The Fast Track class was developed because the standards for entering Advanced English I are very strict because it is an Exit Level with grades that will affect a student’s university GPA.  The ELP recognizes that some students have Advanced English I level skills in some areas but not others.  DAS 150 Fast Track allows these students to be in classes with other similar students and advance at a faster pace than the traditional 150 class.  The class also gives students an additional opportunity to demonstrate their English Proficiency and be released from further study in the ELP.

At the end of the semester, students in DAS 150 Fast Track will have three major assessments of their language skills.  Two of these assessments give them the chance to leave the ELP.

  • EPT—DAS 150 Fast Track students take the English Proficiency Test.  These scores are used in placement as for all other students.  If students achieve the necessary scores, they will exit the ELP.
  • 150 Fast Track Special Tests—These are similar to Advanced English I final exams.  If undergraduate students pass (scores at least 70%, or a 3 on the Speaking rubric) on a Special Test in any skill, they will not be required to take any more ELP classes in that area.  To remain in good standing with the Graduate School, all graduate students should score a grade of B or higher on a Special Test in any skill area (a 3.7 on Speaking is equal to a B). If a student passes all of the Special Tests, they have demonstrated English Proficiency and are not required to take any more ELP classes.
  • 150 Achievement Tests—These are the regular 150 Achievement Tests.  If a student passes all of the achievement tests (at least 70% and a 3 on the Speaking rubric), they will move up to Advanced English I for the following semester.  Since Advanced English I is an Exit Level, we expect that class to be the student’s last semester in the ELP.