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English Language Program

ELP English Classes

Purpose of the English Language Program

  • To prepare conditionally admitted students for university classes
  • To teach English to people for personal or professional reasons

English Classes for Credit

English classes at many universities do not carry any credit. Other universities offer credit which cannot be used toward your degree or offer credit only for a few select classes. ALL ELP classes carry academic credit. Undergraduates can apply up to 15 hours of this credit toward a Bachelor's degree. The department will decide how to best apply the credits.

Intensive English Classes

These classes are for students who wish to study English for their own goals or who wish to prepare themselves for academic work in the University. Students take 18 hours of classes every week. In addition, there are optional lab hours, orientation, test prep and conversation classes. They receive 18 hours of undergraduate credits, 15 of which can be applied toward an undergraduate degree at the descretion of the department.

Exit Level Classes

These classes are for students with Advanced English skills who need one semester of full or part-time English study before being ready for full-time study in a university degree program.

University English Classes

These classes are for students whose English is good enough for them to begin academic work. Students are enrolled in part-time English classes along with University classes.

DAS 176 - Reading Skills
DAS 177 - Written Communication Skills
DAS 178 - Oral Communication Skills
DAS 179 - Speaking and Pronunciation Skills
ITA Summer Training Course

Support Courses

The English Language Program offers a number of support courses to assist students with their transition to university life in the U.S.

DAS 032 - Training for Organization, Wellness, Academics, Responsibility and Discipline (TOWARD)
DAS 158 - Orientation to the American Higher Education System
DAS 159 - Digital English for International Students