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English Language Program

Application Instructions

Read the directions below carefully.  Providing complete and correct information makes your application process proceed faster. 
  1. the completed application,
  2. the application fee of $80, and
  3. a financial statement.
  • Personal information
    • Your name must be just as it appears on your passport
    • The address is where we will send the I-20 and admission letter.   If you can give us a street address, we will express mail all of the documents to you.
    • If you have an e-mail address or a fax number, please provide it.  If we have questions,   we can reach you more quickly.
    • Your birthdate, country of citizenship and birthplace must be the same as what appears on your passport.
  • Visa information
    • You need to tell us what your status will be.  If you are coming as a full-time student (F-1), then you need an I-20. 
    • If your spouse and/or children are coming with you, you need to provide their names, birthdates and countries of citizenship.
    • If you are in the U.S. when you apply to the ELP, tell us where you are, what type of visa you are on and when you arrived.
  • Admission information
    • Tell us which semester you wish to apply for.  When applying to the ELP, the deadline is usually 30 - 60 days depending on the Visa wait time before the beginning of the semester.
    • If you are coming to study English only and do not want to get a degree from the University, you will be an English only student.
    • If you want conditional admission, please know that the University deadlines are stricter than the ELP deadlines.  If you want to come as a conditionally admitted student, we cannot admit you to the ELP until you have completed your application to the University.
    • If you want to study English first and then apply to the University once you have arrived here, you can come as an English only student.  Once you arrive and have finished your application to the University, your I-20 will be changed.  Please, be aware that admission to the ELP does NOT guarantee admission to the University.
  • The Financial Statement or Affadavit of Support
    • We must have a signed financial statement in your file for your application to be complete.
    • We need verification of your financial support.
      • A)  If you or a relative/friend is paying, you need to provide a letter of financial support from the bank, and you will need to print off the page with the sponsorship information on the application, have your sponsor sign it and send it with the bank's letter to us.
      • B)  If you are being sponsored by a government of education agency, please send us a letter of sponsorship.
  • The Application Fee
    • The application fee must be received to complete your application.  You can send a money order / check drawn on an American Bank, or send traveler's checks, (must be signed). If a credit card is used online, it must be in the applicant's name.