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English Language Program

ELP Re-accreditation Timeline



Projected Date


Form Steering Committee (SC)

April 2011

Appoint subcommittees and chairs and assign standards

April 2011

Present overview of process to faculty

April 2011

Initial Meeting of Steering Committee

May 2011

Submit Self-study plan

June 2011

Present overview of process to new faculty

September 2011

Planning meetings for subcommittees

September 2011

Work time and meetings for subcommittees and working groups (e.g. Curriculum Committees)

October 2011-

February 2012

Progress report presentation at faculty meeting

December 2011


Subcommittees submit supporting documents

January-February 2012

Self-study coordinator sends first drafts of responses to sections A. and B. of all standards to Subcommittees for review

February-March 2012

Open faculty meetings to review drafts and provide feedback

April 2012

Subcommittees submit revisions of sections A. and B. and first drafts of section C.

May 2012

General faculty/staff meeting to discuss recommendations

May 2012

Subcommittees submit final revisions

Summer 2012

Compilation of Final Self-study Report

September 2012

Editorial Review

October 2012

Submit Self-study report to CEA

1 November 2012


Site visit

March 2013

CEA makes decision on Reaccreditation

August 2013