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English Language Program

ELP Re-accreditation Committees


Committee Members

Steering Committee

M. Wood--ELP Director

B. Earles--Associate Director, Chair of Subcommittee 1

A. Franchitti--Curriculum and Assessment Director, Chair of Subcommittee 2

L. Chakrabarti--Assistant Director, Chair of Subcommittee 3

K. Reppert--Faculty member, Self-study Coordinator

Subcommittee 1
Standard Areas:
  • Mission
  • Administrative and Fiscal Capacity
  • Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Program Development, Planning, and Review


B. Earles--Associate Director

T. Ackerman--Administrative Assistant


A. Hieger--Program Assistant


D. Morgan--Faculty member

K. Reppert--Faculty member, Self-study Coordinator

P. Tuke--Faculty member

J. Williams--Lab Director

Subcommittee 2
Standard Areas:
  • Curriculum
  • Length and Structure of the Program of Study
  • Student Achievement

A. Franchitti--Curriculum and Assessment Director

J. Chapman--Faculty member, Chair of Reading Committee

A. Chikan--Faculty member, Chair of Writing Committee (Levels 136-140)


R. Everley--Faculty member, Chair of Listening Committee (150-154)

L. Henriksen--Faculty member, Chair of Writing Committee (150-154)

T. Jagosz--Faculty member, Chair of Speaking Committee (150-154)

E. Hansen-Devaux--Faculty Member, Chair of Listening/Speaking Committee (136-140)


Subcommittee 3
Standard Areas:
  • Student Services
  • Recruiting
  • Student Complaints

L. Chakrabarti--Assistant Director

E. Conroy--Faculty member, Advisor

K. J. Guan--Program Assistant

L. Phillips-Zee--Faculty member, Advisor

M. Stinnett--Faculty member, Advisor