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English Language Program

ELP Re-accreditation

The ELP initially received accreditation from CEA in 2008.  We are working to complete the re-accreditation process before our accreditation expires in August 2013.  For more information on this process, please contact Ketty Reppert.

 Our Goal is to:

  • conduct a thorough, helpful, and accurate self-study based on the CEA Standards
  • ensure that everyone in the ELP is involved
  • document the process
  • suggest and implement changes based on our findings
  • write a clear and well-documented report that demonstrates how we meet the CEA Standards and
  • demonstrate our fulfillment of the CEA Standards to the site review team

 so that the ELP will be granted 10-year re-accreditation, demonstrating that it is a valuable part of Kansas State University and is an excellent place for students to study and faculty and staff to work.

Committees Involved in the Process

ELP faculty and staff are involved in the re-accreditation process.


The self-study will take place during the 2011-2012 academic years.

CEA Standards

Currently there are forty-four CEA Standards.