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SGA Elections

Student Governing Association

Office of Student Activities and Services
809 K-State Student Union
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506



Violations of the KSU SGA Elections Regulations will be posted on here as they are filed. To file a complaint please complete the Complaint Form.

Complaint 1

Suspected Violator(s): Zachary Arnberger, Janey Been, Laura Bergkamp, Courtney Boman, Kent Charest, Makinzi Collins, Jordan DeLoach, Dan Johnson, Lorin Jacklin, Biancia Mount, Coleman Nordhus, Rebecca Rigsby, Manaf Sellak, Brett Sitts, Nathan Smart, Evan Steckler, and Amare Sumpter

Suspected Violation: Failing to attend a mandatory meeting

Determination: Jordan DeLoach admitted to the violation. Narmada Mohankumar asked to be removed from the ballot.  Whitney Wealand was excused. The remaining were found in violation and removed from ballot.

Complaint 2

Suspected Violator(s): Jessica Van Ranken and Trenton Kennedy

Suspected Violation: 50-0116 A. 1. All K-State copyrighted or trademarked logos (e.g. Kansas State University, the Powercat, Willie the Wildcat) are not licensed for use in conjunction with any political campaign, including any campaign for any office governed by these regulations. As such, no candidate shall use any such logo on any campaign materials.

Determination: Found in violation and required to remove material with logo.

Complaint 3

Suspected Violator(s): There was no suspected violator but a general contesting of the election results.

Suspected Violation: The system caused a number of write-in votes to not be counted.

Determination: The system caused confusion and likely caused enough write-in votes to not be counted that the outcome of the election would have been different.

Complaint 4

Suspected Violator(s): Caitlyn Dougherty, Tyler Hildebrandt, Kyler Jost, Shane Wagers, and Whitney Wealand

Suspected Violation: 51-0109. Expense and Contribution Reports. Each candidate shall file an expense and contribution report as specified in 51-0122.

Determination: All candidates were found in violation and removed from the ballot.