Ecology, Evolution, and Genomics in Changing Environments
Training in Integrative Biology - Supported by the U.S. Department of Education

Professional & Academic Opportunities

Diverse Research Forums. The Annual DOB Graduate Student Research forum provides an opportunity for students to present and receive feedback on their research from faculty and students in a diverse range of fields within biological sciences. In addition the EGI sponsors a summer, on-campus local research forum for students and faculty to present their research. The EEB Section of DOB section provides opportunities for students to present their research each fall in an informal setting.
The KSU Ecological Genomics Institute has a number of programs that stimulate and provide support for research in EEG fields. The Annual Ecological Genomics Symposium has convened every year in Kansas City and built a reputation for excellence toward advancing the new field of Ecological Genomics. 

Nationally and internationally renowned scientists have presented their innovative research and greatly expanded the knowledge-base of attendees.  Other activities freely available to GAANN fellows and sponsored by EGI include workshops in real time PCR, gene expression, new high throughput genome sequencing, statistics of gene expression data.

Konza LTER Research Retreat. The NSF-funded Konza Prairie LTER sponsors an annual Konza research retreat that features talks and posters by faculty and students. This retreat provides a forum for students to receive feedback on their research from faculty and students. EEG GAANN students attend and contribute. 

Opportunities for National and International Collaboration and Exchange: These are available under the auspices of EGI and the Institute of Grassland Studies. EGI  partners with two interdisciplinary programs – Integrative Genomics at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD (BHSU-IG), and a seven-university consortium of ecological genomics in the Netherlands ( – to create an educational model based on the interchange of people and ideas across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. International exchanges of scholars working in grassland studies is sponsored by IGS.  This includes a formal 3-week field course in southern Africa, and opportunities for interactions with scientists from all grassland regions. 

Diverse Seminar Series and Visiting Scholars. We have two significant seminar series that meet weekly and sponsor talks by visiting biologists (the DOB Seminar and the EEB Seminar series). GAANN Fellows will meet with visitors, providing an opportunity to receive feedback on their research from eminent scholars. The DOB provides funds so graduate students can host one to two seminar speakers during a year.

Student Participation in Division of Biology Affairs, Governance, and Graduate Student Association. The DOB includes graduate student representation on the Graduate Affairs Committee, Seminar Committee, and faculty search committees with full voting privileges. Biology graduate students also have the Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) for research support, peer mentoring and social functions. EEG GAANN students will be encouraged to participate.

Konza Prairie Education, Training and Public Outreach. Short workshops and hands-on activities by EEG faculty and Konza Prairie Biological Station train students in fire and grazing management and to conduct educational field tours.  Students can assist in prescribed burns, or help with Konza educational activities by leading tours about grassland ecology and conservation for the public and for school groups.