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Department of Economics


I have taught economics courses in the US as well in Bangladesh. I enjoy teaching undergraduate economics courses and love to work with my students. My teaching philosophy will give you a detail account of my aspirations and goals as a teacher. You can look at a summary of teaching evaluations here.

  • Primary Instructor, Dept. of Economics, Kansas State University, 2012- present

Intermediate Microeconomics: Spring 2013|| Spring 2015
Intermediate Macroeconomics: Fall 2013|| Spring 2014||Summer 2015
Principles of Macroeconomics: Fall 2015|| Spring 2016
Money and Banking: Summer 2016||Fall 2016

  • Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Economics & Social Science, BRAC University, 2010- 2012

Principles of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Mathematics for Business and Economics, International Trade