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Department of Economics


As a young aspiring economist I have publications in peer reviewed journals, authored annual reports, and policy briefs. My research statement outlines my research expertise and experience.

  • Primary Research Interest: Budget Deficits, Government Debt, Monetary policy
  • Secondary Research Interest: Open Economy Macroeconomics, Development and Governance

Work in progress:

1. “Dynamics between government debt and budget deficits in the United States: a threshold VAR analysis

Presented at the Society of Government Economists Annual Conference, 13 May 2016, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington DC.  

2. “Relationship between monetary base and fiscal debt in US: Evidence from threshold cointegration

Accepted for presentation at the Missouri Valley Economic Association 53rd Annual Meeting, 27-29 October 2016, Hyatt Regency St. Louis, Missouri.  

3. “Response of Short-run Interest Rate and Inflation to Budget Deficit and Money Supply: A non-linear approach”

Journal Articles:
1. Khan, M.W.R. and Ahmed, H. A. (2012), ‘Dynamics of Foreign Earnings, Assistance and Debt Servicing in Bangladesh’, International Journal of Development Issues, Vol. 11, Issue 1, pp. 74-84.
2. Ahmed, H.A., Salahuddin, M.G., and Ozturk, I.,(2012), ‘Is Real GDP per Capita Stationary for Bangladesh?’, Journal of Actual Problems in Economics, Issue (2), pp.332-339
3. Ahmed, H.A. and Salahuddin, M.G. (2009), ‘Export, Import, Remittance and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis’, Trade and Development Review, Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp.79-92

Reports and other publications:
1. Report on the State of Governance in Bangladesh: 2008 || 2009 || 2010
BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Available at: http://bigd.bracu.ac.bd/index.php/s-reports/147-sog-reports
2. Bangladesh Bank Reforms: Problems and Prospects
BRAC Institute of Governance and Development working paper CGSWP 04, 2007, Available at: http://bigd.bracu.ac.bd/index.php/s-reports/148-working-papers

Conferences and Workshops:
“Dynamics of government debt and deficit: a threshold VAR approach” presentation at Society of Government Economists Annual Conference, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington DC, 13 May 2016,

“Governance Problems in Social Safety Net Programs: Is Civic Engagement a way out?”, co-authored with Dr. Shahidur Rahman, Dr. A M Tanvir Hussain. Presented at the ’40 Years of Bangladesh: Retrospect and Future Prospects’ conference jointly organized by BRAC University and University of Bath (UK), 26-28 November 2011

“Export, Import, Remittance and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: an empirical analysis” presented at the international conference ‘Developing Nations in the World Economy: Recent Issues in International Trade and WTO’ organized by Jadav Pur University and UNCTAD-India,

“Bangladesh Bank Autonomy: Some Thoughts” presented at the International Conference of Young Economists, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 17 June 2007

Asia/India Regional Workshop on the Administration and Financing of Parliament Secretariat, organized by CPA and WBI, Maldives, 2-5 April 2007

International Civil Society Forum for Advancing LDC Interest in the 6th WTO Ministerial organized by Center for Policy Dialogue, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 3-5 October 2005