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Xin (Jessie) Xie

Xin (Jessie) Xie

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at Kansas State University and expect to graduate in May 2014. I received a B.S. in International Economics and Trade from Wuhan University of Technology in June 2006 and a MBA concentrating on Accounting from Pittsburg State University in May 2008.

My research interests are in Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Microeconomics, and Airline Economics. My dissertation mainly studies the anticompetitive impact of both U.S. domestic and international airline alliances. My job market paper titled as “Entry Deterrence and Strategic Alliances: Evidence from a Dynamic Structural Econometric Model” estimates how codesharing, a form of strategic alliance, by airlines affects entry decisions of potential competitors. I have been awarded M. Jarvin Emerson Memorial Scholarship and Carroll B. Greene Memorial Scholarship in the Department of Economics for high academic performance in research.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an interview.