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Department of Economics

M.A. program

The M.A. program can be tailored to prepare students for positions in business or government or to provide a solid foundation for Ph.D. level studies. The program can be completed in one to two years.

The master's degree program consists of at least 30 credit hours and includes courses in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory and statistics.

Beyond this, students have considerable flexibility in choosing coursework. Remaining courses are selected and agreed upon by the student and his or her advisory committee based on the student's background, objectives, and undergraduate preparation.

There is also flexibility in completing other requirements of the degree. Students can choose from a thesis option, a report option and exam option.

If you are interested in our M.A. program, please go to the Graduate School web page (http://www.ksu.edu/grad), click on "Prospective Student," then "Apply Now," to start your online application (and pay the application fee with a credit card). Then you can mail in hard copies of the following documents directly to our department: official academic transcripts (college and beyond), three letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives, a TOEFL/IELTS report (international application only), and a completed copy of the affidavit of financial support (international application only). In addition, while not required, the general Graduate Record Examination is very helpful in evaluating an application and submission of this exam's results is strongly encouraged.

For more questions about the application process, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.