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Department of Economics


The Carrole B. Greene Memorial Scholarship recognizes a female graduate student who has shown high academic performance in the graduate program and high potential for future achievement.

previous winners:
Hedieh Shadmani2011-2012 - Hedieh Shadmani
2010-2011 - Laura Chen and Jenny Wu
2009-2010 - Mercy Palamuleni
2008-2009 - Laura Chen and Renfeng Xiao
2007-2008 - Renfeng Xiao

The James Ragan Memorial Scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement by a Ph.D. Student.

previous winners:
2011-2012 - Zijun LuoZijun Luo and Dr. Blankenau
2010-2011 - Bebonchu Atems and Xiaoyan Laura Chen
2009-2010 - Jenny Wu

The John Nordin Memorial Scholarship is given annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the microeconomic and macroeconomic theory courses, and by performance on the Ph.D. qualifying examinations.

Previous winners:
2011-2012 - Hedieh ShadmaniHedieh Shadmani and Dr. Blankenau
2010-2011 - Jessie Xie and Ben Le
2009-2010 - Mercy Palamuleni
2008-2009 - Laura Chen
2007-2008 - Renfeng Xiao

The M. Jarvin Emerson Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to an advanced Ph.D. student who has demonstrated exceptional scholarship and potential for research.

previous winners:
2011-2012 - Mark MelicharMark Melichar
2010-2011 - Zijun Luo
2009-2010 - Renfeng Xiao
2008-2009 - Andrew Ojede and Kyle Ross
2007-2008 - Canh Le, Emanuel Castro de Oliveira, and Ruben Sargsyan


The Best Graduate Paper Award is awarded to the graduate student with the best graduate paper.

previous winners:
2011-2012 - Zijun Luo
2010-2011 - Bebonchu Atems
2009-2010 - Dave Brown
2008-2009 - Andrew Ojede
2007-2008 - Canh Le

Graduate Student Teaching Award

Previous winners:
2011-2012 - Mark Melichar and C. Patrick Scott
2010-2011 - Vladimir Bejan and Xiaoyan Laura Chen
2009-2010 - Chris Youderian and Bebonchu Atems
2008-2009 - Kyle Ross