6th Annual Symposium
November 14 - 16, 2008
in Kansas City
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Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Ecotypic variation and functional response in the dominant forage grass big bluestem along sharp natural precipitation gradients and in response to simulated precipitation change in Great Plains rangelands

Johnson, L.

Biology, KSU Plant genomics, Global change

Garrett, K.

Plant Pathology, KSU Population biology and epidemiology
Baer, S. Southern Illinois University  
Genetic basis for changes in nematode species composition in response to environment

Blair, J.

Biology, KSU Soil ecology, ecosystems ecology, Global change
Herman, M. Biology, KSU C. elegans developmental and molecular genetics

Todd, T.

Plant Path, KSU Nematode ecology
Zurek, L. Entomology, KSU Microbial ecology

Modeling genetic responses to temperature and photoperiod in the control of flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana; a genetic network approach

Das, S.

Elect. and Comp. Eng., KSU Neural networks, bioinformatics
Roe, J. Agronomy, KSU Plant molecular biology of Arabidopsis
Hsu, B. Comp. and Info. Serv., KSU Data mining, software engineering
Welch, S. Agronomy, KSU Plant modeling, bioinformatics
Ecological, physiological and genomic consequences of environmental toxins
Brown, S. Biology, KSU Molecular and developmental genetics
Wisely, S.

Biology, KSU

Wildlife biology and population genetics
Using molecular markers to examine behavioral genetics of a predator-prey interaction
Margolies, D. Entomology, KSU Arthropod Population biology
Park, Y. Entomology, KSU Neurobiology behavior evolution of insects
A functional genomic approach to identify temperature response genes modulating plant defense responses to arthropod challenge
Smith, M. Entomology, KSU Plant resistance to Arthropods
Gene expression in natural populations of Andropogon gerardii in response to three environmental stressors 
Garrett, K. Plant Pathology, KSU Population biology and epidemiology
Knapp, A. Biology, CSU Plant physiological ecology
Smith, M. Biology, Yale, KSU Community ecology
Leach, J. BioAg Science, CSU Molecular plant-fungi interactions
Heat shock proteins and temperature adaptation by native minnows of Kansas
Gido, K. Biology, KSU Fish Ecology
Reeck, G.

Biochemistry, KSU

Proteinase structure and function
Evolutionary genomics of freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ungerer, M.  Biology, KSU Evolutionary genetics and genomics
Identification of the function of mutualistic root endophytic fungi using an Arabidopsis transcriptome model system
Jumpponen, A. Biology, KSU Mycology
Floral character evolution in the genus Phlox  (Polemoniaceae)
Ferguson, C. Biology, KSU Plant systematics and evolution
Ecological genomics of eusociality in termites
Kambhampati, S. Entomology, KSU   
Development of microsatellite markers for a migratory shorebird
Sandercock, B.  Biology, KSU Behavioral ecology, demographic methods, and ornithology
Wisely, S. Biology, KSU Wildlife biology and population genetics
Evolution and genetic control of complex phenotypes
Morgan, T.  Biology, KSU Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics, Quantitative Genetics
Ecological genomics of plant/virus/vector interactions
Whitfield, A. Plant Pathology, KSU Plant/virus/vector interactions, plant virology
Evolution and Genomics/Proteomics of adaptive phenotypes
Marshall, J. Entomology, KSU Evolutionary Biology; Behavioral Ecology; Speciation; Behavioral, Ecological, and Evolutionary Genomics
Toxicogenomics for environmental health research
Zhu, Kun Yan Entomology, KSU Insect Molecular Toxicology
Regulation of root processes and gene expression in natural ecosystems

Johnson, L.

Biology, KSU Plant genomics, Global change
Shah, J. Biology, KSU Plant molecular biology of Arabidopsis



6th Annual Symposium
November 14 - 16, 2008
in Kansas City
Click here for details!

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