6th Annual Symposium
November 14 - 16, 2008
in Kansas City
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Ecological Genomics Investigators

Kansas State University
Faculty Name Department/Division E-mail Address
Akhunov, Eduard Plant Pathology eakhunov@ksu.edu
Brown, Sue Division of Biology sjbrown@ksu.edu
Caragea, Doina Computing and Information Sciences dcaragea@ksu.edu
Ferguson, Carolyn Division of Biology ferg@ksu.edu
Gadbury, Gary Statistics gadbury@ksu.edu
Garrett, Karen Plant Pathology kgarrett@ksu.edu
Herman, Michael Division of Biology mherman@ksu.edu
Higgins, James Statistics jhiggins@ksu.edu
Joern, Tony Division of Biology ajoern@ksu.edu
Johnson, Loretta Division of Biology johnson@ksu.edu
Jumpponen, Ari Division of Biology ari@ksu.edu
Kambhampati, Srini Entomology srini@ksu.edu
Margolies, David Entomology dmargoli@oznet.ksu.edu
Marshall, Jeremy Entomology cricket@ksu.edu
Michel, Kristin Division of Biology kmichel@ksu.edu
Morgan, Ted Division of Biology tjmorgan@ksu.edu
Roe, Judy Agronomy jroe@ksu.edu
Rotenberg, Dorith Plant Pathology rotenberg.2@osu.edu
Sandercock, Brett Division of Biology bsanderc@k-state.edu
Smith, Mike Entomology cmsmith@ksu.edu
Todd, Tim Plant Pathology nema@plantpath.ksu.edu
Ungerer, Mark Division of Biology mcungere@ksu.edu
Wang, Haiyan Statistics hwang@ksu.edu
Welch, Steve Agronomy welchsm@ksu.edu
Welti, Ruth Division of Biology welti@ksu.edu
Whitfield, Anna Plant Pathology aewtospo@ksu.edu
Wisely, Samantha Division of Biology wisely@ksu.edu
Zhu, Kun Yan Entomology kzhu@ksu.edu
Post Doc Name Department/Division E-mail Address
Ahmad, Aqeel Entomology aahmad@ksu.edu
Fehlberg, Shannon Division of Biology sfelhber@ksu.edu
Jeannotte, Richard Division of Biology richardj@ksu.edu
Kageyama, Stacie Division of Biology stacie.kageyama@
Saleh, Amgad Plant Pathology asa7976@ksu.edu
Surabhi, Giridara-Kumar Division of Biology surabhi@ksu.edu
Westphal, Mike Division of Biology westphal@ksu.edu
     Ecological Genomics Institute Directors:
     Loretta Johnson
   KSU Division of Biology
   Voice: (785) 532-6921
   E-mail: johnson@ksu.edu
   Web: http://www.ksu.edu/johnsonlab
Michael Herman
KSU Division of Biology
Voice: (785) 532-6741
E-mail: mherman@ksu.edu
Web:  http://www.ksu.edu/hermanlab

6th Annual Symposium
November 14 - 16, 2008
in Kansas City
Click here for details!

Genes in Ecology, Ecology in Genes Symposium
Please check our website frequently for additional details and registration information to attend the 2008 Fall Symposium!  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to ecogen@ksu.edu, or complete our web based form and specify "Symposium" in the message/request field.

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