First Annual Kansas EPSCoR Ecoforecasting Meeting
Saturday, April 21, 2007
Kansas State University Student Union, K & S Ballrooms



Position, Institution



Kristin Bowman-James

Director, Kansas EPSCoR

EPSCoR Welcome


Ron Trewyn

Vice Provost / Dean of the Graduate School, Kansas State University

KSU Administration Welcome


Kris Krishtalka

Professor, University of Kansas

Project Progress Overview


Jim MacMahon

Professor, Utah State University



Craig Freeman

Associate Scientist, University of Kansas



Jay Ham

Professor, Kansas State University







Keith Gido

Associate Professor, Kansas State University



David Steward

Associate Professor, Kansas State University

Climate/ Hydrology


John Harrington

Professor, Kansas State University

Human Dimensions


Erik Perrins

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Information/ Data Management



Flint Hills room, KSU Student Union



Jesse Nippert

Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Ecophysiological Plant Responses To Water Variability In
Past, Present & Future Climates


Samantha Wisely

Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Skunks and Dynamics of Rabies


Sharon Billings

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Global Climate Change and Kansas










Meetings w/ External Science Advisory Committee

1st Annual Kansas EPSCoR
Ecoforecasting Meeting Posters

Jonathan P. Aguilar, David Chandler, James Koelliker, David Steward, Deb Walks, Xiaoying Yang- Changing sources, sinks and ground water - surface water interactions in the Upper Smoky Hills watershed: A history of stream network and refugia fragmentation

Kira Arnold, Jay Ham, Clenton Owensby and Pat Coyne- Temporal stability of soil respiration in tallgrass prairie: Towards watershed-scale estimates of carbon fluxes
Brad Austin- Assessment of nitrification and denitrification in two streams of the Kansas River watershed in central Kansas

Brett Benz- Pleistocene climate fluctuations and the phylogeography of Chordeiles minor (Aves: Caprimulgidae)

Eric Bernard and Stephen Welch- Science to aid policy makers, communities and land owners-managers

Nathaniel A. Brunsell and Aubrey R. Jones- Determining the spatial variability of water and carbon cycling

Tom Bulatewicz, J. Peterson, David Steward, Eric Bernard, Daniel Andresen and Stephen Welch- Exploring ecological change in a virtual landscape

Beau Burkitt- Creating Alternative landscape scenarios for the tall grass prairie of Northeastern Kansas

Michelle Evans-White- Nutrient and turbidity thresholds for Midwestern stream macroinvertebrate and fish communities

Carolyn J. Ferguson, Madhay Nepal, Sivakumar Mohandass and Mark H. Mayfield- Computerization of the Kansas State University Herbarium: digitizing a critical biodiversity collection for the Great Plains         

David Hoeinghaus- Fish life-history traits predict patterns of occurrence and assemblage composition in prairie streams

Jayne L. Jonas and Tony Joern-Grasshopper community responses to grassland ecosystem drivers: Long-term trends in the Konza Prairie LTER grasshopper data set, 1982-2005

Angela Laws- Effects of abiotic conditions and herbivore density on tritrophic interactions in an old field food chain

Simon Lauwo and David Steward- Coupling crop and hydrologic model for decision support in the High Plain Aquifer

Edward Martinko, Mark E. Jakubauskas and Jerry L. Whistler- Kansas next-generation land use/ land cover mapping

Edward Martinko, D. Peterson, Jerry L. Whistler and Mark E. Jakubauskas- Initiative linking interannual land use/land cover dynamics with stream water quality for watershed vulnerability assessment: A hierarchical statistical approach using time series satellite imagery     

Sara Mueting, Michelle Evans-White, Eric Banner, Walter K. Dodds- Heavy metal concentrations and benthic macroinvertebrates over time in Kansas Rivers

Monica Papes, A. Townsend Peterson and Craig Freeman- Assigning geographic coordinates and accuracy estimates to Great Plains museum speciman collecting localities

Judd Patterson- Ecosystem Services of the Northern Flint Hills

Kevin P. Price, Nan An and John Blair- Great Plains ecosystem response to climatic variability: A remote sensing time-series analysis approach

Lisa Tiemann- Grassland and forest soil nitrogen transformations and microbial function in the North American Midwest

Miles Thompson, Michelle Evans-White, David Hoeinghaus and Keith Gido- Temperature effects on prairie stream grazers