Internship Possibilities

National Benevolent Association: NBA XPLOR

A faith-based 10-month, congregationally-hosted residency program designed for 21-30 year olds looking to explore lives of care and service.

Disciples Home Missions/UCC Partners in Service Summer Internship or Mission Opportunities

Work beyond cultural boundaries, faithfulness beyond the familiar. Places where people are in pain. Places you may not choose for a vacation...
Contact Information: Carl Zerweck (

The National Council of Churches

Offering some fantastic internships in the following: communications justice and advocacy, communication and website, communications, poverty outreach and advocacy, health network and Eco-justice advocacy and outreach.
Contact Information: Brad Lyons (

UCC Companion Communities: Young Adult Service Communities

Looking for persons; who are committed to actions of service and social justice, conscientious living and spiritual reflection and are 21 - 30 years old.
Contact Information: Mary Schaller Blaufuss ( or 866.822.8224 ext. 3214
Description and Application:

The Fund for Theological Education

From fellowships for prospective and current seminary students to recruitment initiatives for congregations, FTE offers many different kinds of resources for many different needs through the programs described here.
Opportunities: Programs & Fellowships

Appalachian Outreach

A poverty ministry serving four counties surrounding Jefferson City is seeking students who have an interest and/or experience in doing home repair work, children's ministry, ministry center (clothing, food, furniture, computer and Hispanic ministries), and/or homeless shelter work this summer.
Contact Information: Jim Wilson ( - 865.471.4743 or Jean-Ann Washam ( - 865.475.5611
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Job Possibilities

There are no job posting at this time.