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New Records by Collection

Displayed in the map below are collections of earthworm by Earthworms Across Kansas participants. Click on each point for details about that record. Zoom in to view all of the records (adjacent points may appear hidden). You may also view these data by species.

Summary information

Participants have returned the following collections of earthworms. Each kit that is returned to K-State is processed, which includes collecting tissue samples, preparing the earthworms for long-term storage, and recording data from each collection. After processing, each individual earthworm specimen is identified to species. Data posted on this page is current as of 12 December 2011.

  • Earthworm collection kits shipped: 299.
  • Earthworm collection kits returned: 93 (31.1%).
  • Collection containers (vials) returned with earthworms: 319.
  • Completed identification: 3083 individual earthworm specimens. See how many different species.

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