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Program Information

What do I have to do as a participating instructor?

1) Register using our online form.

2) We'll send you an earthworm collecting kit.

3) Take your class(es) to collect earthworms, and use this experience to teach them science (or history, or math). There are many ways to do this, and we will help by providing example lesson plans geared towards achieving state benchmarks.

4) Preserve (kill) the earthworms and ship them back to K-State (entirely pre-paid).

5) Use the data online to teach your students more about earthworms and biology!


  • Information letters: were sent to principals and science instructors during May 2010.
  • Participant registration: May 2010 - January 2012.
  • Lesson plans and other resources: ongoing. First resources were posted online May 2010.
  • Kits will be mailed to instructors: we shipped the first set (210 kits) on 11 August 2010 and our last kit in January 2012.
  • Earthworm sampling: anytime during your academic year 2010-2011. Please return the earthworm specimens to us as soon as possible after collecting them.
  • Online data: historic data (published records before 2010) are posted. Nearly all earthworm specimens from Earthworms Across Kansas have been identified and these data are posted. We will continue to update the website as further identifications are made. These data will remain on the website: you will be able to return to see what earthworms we've found living in Kansas.