Who’s welcome?

Absolutely anybody! Come out and play dodgeball and work off all the Mountain Dew and Ramen noodles!

How do I join?

You can either just show up at during the regular playing times, you can email any of the officers, or you can click here to join the KSU Dodgeball Club Facebook club to receive up to date news.

When and Where Do We Play?

The Dodgeball Club meets on Tuesday nights from 9:00 PM through 11:00 PM in Ahearn Gym.

Ahearn Gym can be found here.

The Rules We Use

When "go" is called, each team can only retrieve balls on the right half of midcourt.

Each ball must be taken behind the second white line before it can be used in play.

You can go up to the free-throw line on the other teams half of the court. However, if both feet cross, you are out.

If you are hit by a ball, you are out.

If your ball is caught, you are out.

If a ball bounces off of someone and touches you before hitting the floor, both of you are out.

If you are hit by a ball and someone else on your team catches it before it touches the ground, you are in and the thrower is out.

You cannot use a ball to block. If the ball is in your hands when it gets hit, you are out.

A ball is considered void in all cases once it touches the wall or another ball in mid-air.

Other Useful Information

The fee to join is $5 per semester.

You are excused payment for your first visit. Please bring money as soon as possible.

Before you can play, you must sign a waiver. They are provided at our meetings.