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    • Allison Veach (PhD student). Allison is studying the effects of woody vegetation expansion on Konza streams. She is specializing on microbial responses.

    Allison Veach

    • Danelle Larson (PhD Student). Danelle is working on priaire stream ecology. She is investigating the effect of patch-burn grazing on prairie streams. She is also working on the ability to scale ecological measurements on watersheds as part of the SCALER project

    Danelle Larson

    • Matt Trentman (PhD Student). Matt is working on nitrogen cycling in streams.

    Matt Trentman

    • Janine Rueegg (Postdoctoral Researcher). Janine is leading up the project Scale, Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER)

    Janine Rueegg


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