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Project IMPACT

Making a difference

Project IMPACT is a Kansas State University best-practice pipeline of recruiting and retention programs that target multicultural students. These programs develop student interest in business, engineering and agriculture and help students graduate in these fields.

Project IMPACT serves 170 scholars spanning the freshman to senior years. These students are performing very well academically and have retention rates that exceed those of the university. The students also are excellent student leaders.  

Programs include

  • Kompass

    A free three-day extended summer orientation and freshman year retention program designed to accelerate academic success for incoming freshman multicultural students in agriculture, business and engineering. Full details including how to register.

  • Relationship recruiting
  • College for a Day Institutes

    The College for a Day Institute gives multicultural youth a college immersion experience. The majority of the state’s young people are first-generation college students with little exposure to the college environment. The College for a Day Institute provides multicultural youth with a good understanding of the college environment and of agricultural, business and engineering disciplines. These areas of study help youth increase agricultural industries, diversify entrepreneurial initiatives and develop the nation’s infrastructure. The College for a Day Institute motivates multicultural students to seriously consider college and helps the students understand how college disciplines may help to advance them and their communities.

  • Statewide leadership conferences
    Midwest HALO Encuentro

    Encuentro's goal is to provide an environment to learn about unexpected challenges during collegiate years and how other students have overcome those barriers to achieve their educational goals. This conference allows students to interact with students from other schools.  A wide range of ideas provides opportunities to learn from other individuals. Juntos somos una familia and we should be working together to improve ourselves, our organizations, our campuses and our communities by taking pride in our cultura and promoting it fully.

    Black Student Union Leadership Conference

    Anyone looking at the state of Black America knows that we must choose a path of greater accountability, sustainability, health and achievement if we are to be a meaningful part of the future.  Our young student leaders play a critical role in moving us forward. The Black Student Union Conference brings all of us together to define the way forward.

    The event accomplishes four goals: (1) to deepen student leaders' awareness and knowledge of the challenges facing communities; (2) to motivate them to take a more active role in addressing these challenges, (3) to enhance leadership skills; and (4) to form the Kansas Association of Black Student Unions and Alliances.

  • MAPS Summer Bridge Program

    June 8 through July 20, 2018

    MAPS students can start their college careers early. Students spend six weeks getting to know other students, faculty, the Kansas State University campus and their majors. MAPS students also get to experience industry tours and meet professionals and faculty who can serve as mentors for them throughout their college careers. It's a great way to spend the summer.

    Details of the program

  • IMPACT scholarships
  • IMPACT retention and placement

    Our students work at Cargill Inc., Koch Industries, ConocoPhillips Co., Deloitte, Dow Chemical Co., Ernst & Young, General Electric Co., Hallmark Cards, McKinsey & Company, Inc., Phillips 66, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many others.

  • College of Business Diversity Faculty Fellow


Mirta Chavez
Senior Director 

Zelia Wiley
Director, College of Agriculture

Dawne Martin, Diversity faculty fellow
Director, College of Business

LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin
Director, College of Engineering

Brandon Clark
Program coordinator

Number of
scholars enrolled
in Project IMPACT
since inception
Number of attendees
at two African-American
and six Hispanic
student leadership
Percentage of students 
who graduate
Number of students
enrolled in
Summer Bridge