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Office of Diversity

President's Commission on Multicultural Affairs

This commission reports to the president of Kansas State University.

2012 HLC Diversity Report (pdf)

Demographic Reports

Templates for the annual report to the President's Commission on Multicultural Affairs

The charge of the commission is to:

  • Establish and recommend goals and policies
  • Provide leadership and coordination to all related campus programs and activities
  • Assist in creating and developing a university climate of inclusiveness and diversity
  • Ensure that the commission's recommendations remain a high priority in the language, implications and projection of the strategic planning efforts of Kansas State University
  • Provide the university community with an annual report that includes information about progress toward university goals, funds expended, enrollment and retention data, achievement and graduation patterns, and significant programs and activities

The commission is comprised of the following units to provide campuswide representation:

  • One representative from each college diversity committee, including K-State Salina and K-State Libraries
  • Two academic deans
  • One representative from the Office of Affirmative Action
  • One representative from the Graduate School
  • One representative from Faculty Senate
  • One representative from the Division of Continuing Education
  • One representative from Classified Senate
  • Three representatives from institutional advancement:
    • The Office of Student Life
    • Education and Personal Development
    • University Relations
  • Four student representatives:
    • Multicultural Student Council
    • International Coordinating Center
    • Student Governing Association
    • Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Society
  • One representative from the Manhattan community

Current Members