Dealing with Requests for Information Under the USA Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act, which was signed into law last October, broadens the scope of access by law enforcement officials to electronic and other information under certain circumstances.

Our IT policy requires that access to data and information stored on University-owned equipment may be accessed to comply with legal requests for information only with the approval of the Vice Provost for Academic Services and Technology or her designee. The USA Patriot Act does not remove that internal requirement. In addition, the Act imposes certain requirements and restrictions with which we must comply when responding to requests by law enforcement agents. Therefore, it is essential that requests for access to information be directed to the appropriate office in accordance with university policy.

Should an individual or individuals representing themselves as law enforcement agents approach you or members of your department and ask you to provide the content of electronic communication or any information about users of or traffic on the K-State network with or without any form of written authorization, you must direct all such requests to Lynn Carlin. Her email address is, and her telephone number is 532-6520. If she is unavailable, her office will direct you to the appropriate designee.