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Dance Program

Tap to Togetherness

Building Family Relations & Enhancing Child Development Through Tap Dance

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble is partnering with Parents as Teachers to bring our families a series of tap dance classes this spring.  The classes are open to any family in Parents as Teachers who has a child over 12 months of age. The classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, with two sessions each evening.

Tap to Togetherness Image


Tap to Togetherness Image

About the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble

Julie L. Pentz, Associate Professor and Director of Dance and The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble is a group of K-State students who share the love of tap dance on the K-State campus, local Manhattan community, regionally, and nationally.  This ensemble has been established for 7 years. This ensemble has reached thousands of elementary and middle school students regionally and has performed at dozens of community events that include, but are not limited to, Spooktacular at the Sunset Zoo, Purple Power Play on Poyntz, and Family Fun Nights at local elementary schools.  Please visit the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble online to learn more.

For information about this program, contact Julie L. Pentz at jpentz@ksu.edu.

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