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Dance Program

Stephen Loch

Stephen Loch is a teacher, performer, choreographer and creator.  He received his BFA in Performing Arts with a concentration in Dance from Western Kentucky University. Upon completion, he worked in Louisville with ZFX Flying Effects as an aerial dancer, performing in Las Vegas and New York.  

During his time in Atlanta, he taught dance and created new dance works for the stage with Brooks and Company Dance and Rule of 3 Productions.  Stephen holds his MFA in choreography from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  He spent 2 years of his degree teaching majors and non-majors in contemporary, modern and tap dance techniques.  

Stephen has spent time studying Graham and Horton modern techniques as well as Simonson Jazz technique.  He is also interested in bringing his knowledge of Alexander technique and other somatic (mind/body) practices to his dance classes.  He had the privilege of studying Safety Release technique for 3 years under the tutelage of BJ Sullivan.  His choreography and improvisational pieces have been shown in Atlanta and throughout North Carolina including Durham, Raleigh, Burlington and Greensboro.