Dance Minors

Core Courses (13 credits)

  • DANCE 195 Improvisational Structures (2)
  • DANCE 200 Anatomy for Dancers (1)
  • DANCE 205 Dance as an Art Form (3)
  • DANCE 225 Principles of Rhythmic Notation (1)
  • DANCE 295 Dance Composition I (3)
  • DANCE 380 Musical Stage Dance (2)
  • DANCE 502 Performance Production (0/0/1)

Dance technique for minors (6-10 credits):

Proficiency must be demonstrated by successful completion with a minimum grade of a B in Level 3 in one technique and Level 2 in another. If a student enters the Dance program with insufficient proficiency in a dance technique form, this may mean that he/she will have to take several semesters of Level 1 (of that dance technique form) to achieve Level 2, and several semesters of Level 1 and 2 (of that dance technique form) to achieve Level 3. Enrollment in a minimum of one technique course and DANCE 420 is required each semester for those seeking a concentration in dance.

Technique Classes

  • TECHNIQUE DANCE 165 Ballet I
  • DANCE 325 Ballet II
  • DANCE 326 Ballet III
  • DANCE 120 Modern Dance I
  • DANCE 323 Modern Dance II
  • DANCE 324 Modern Dance III
  • DANCE 171 Jazz I
  • DANCE 371 Jazz II
  • DANCE 372 Jazz III
  • DANCE 181 TAP I
  • DANCE 381 TAP II

Ballet Class Requirements for level 2 and 3

Attend the first day of class dressed ready to dance. After the class students will be placed in the appropriate level class. It is recommended that students taking Pointe also be enrolled in either Ballet 2 or 3.

Jazz, Modern, and Tap class requirements (levels 2 and 3)

An audition will be held for dancers on the first day of class. This audition will consist of a regular class in that style. Permission to enroll will be granted to those who meet the technique requirements.

All level 1 classes are open to all K-State students

View the Student Learning Outcomes for Dance Minors (PDF) or download a list of requirements for Dance Minors (PDF). You can also view the Undergraduate Catalog for Dance Minors.