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Counseling Services

Online Programs and Resources

The staff at Counseling Services recognizes that students have many demands placed upon them. We offer a variety of online programs and resources in order to provide services that fit into your schedule. Our online offerings include:

  • Online Programs – We offer programs on specific topics that are available to K-State students through K-State Online. These programs are free of charge. Click on the links below for more information about our current programs:
  • College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI)  --An inventory designed to measure individual attitudes, behaviors, and dispositions related academic activity.
  • You can view our Kat Chats online as they are happening through Zoom or view our previously recorded Kat Chats.
  • University Life Cafe– This website is K-State’s online, interactive community that also contains lots of information to help students be personally and academically successful.
    • In “The Brew,” view artwork, writings, and videos that were created by K-Staters.
    • With your K-State ID, sign-in to start a “Discussion” in order to connect with other K-Staters and share what is on your mind.
    • Sign-up using your K-State ID to “Contribute,” and upload artwork, photographs, writings, videos, and more.
    • Go to “The Bookshelf” to find articles on a variety of topics including study tips, stress management, depression, eating concerns, and much more.
    • Find daily listings of “Events” that are happening on campus and in the Manhattan area.
    • Go to “Discover Yourself” and sign-in with your K-State ID to take self-assessments that will provide you on information on your learning behaviors, health behaviors, and how your concerns compare with other college students.
  • Helpful Resources from Counseling Services – Find information on a variety of topics including alcohol, eating concerns, career/academic issues, relationships, and stress.
  • Self-Help Resources -A variety of self-help resources.
  • Organizations and clubs in the Manhattan area- This links to another page where you can find out about local organizations and clubs.

To learn more information or to access these services, use the links that are located on the left of this page.