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What About the Impact of Stress on Athletes' Performance

Why Manage Stress?

Learning to be too tense early in life causes stress problems later. Through childhood experiences you were led to believe that to succeed you needed to put yourself in high gear or psych yourself up in order to perform well. Perhaps it was on your first test in the second or third grade. You got a little nervous. Took the test, and passed it. During the next test you got a little psyched up and got a good grade, too. In junior high and high school you got good at that pattern - when taking tests, giving a speech, doing all kinds of things.

In college you fine tune your skills and become a real pro at getting at least a little tense and psyched up when given the right performance cues -- a book to be studied, a test, the thought of a paper that's due, or a design project.

You are probably convinced that stress and performance go hand in hand, convinced that you need to psych yourself up to perform well. Most people believe this. Seems reasonable. After all, it worked in the past and you've never learned any other way. As a result, tension and stress are the motivators you know best.

What Skills Could I Develop?

Sometimes it takes simple steps, repeatedly practiced throughout the day in brief amount of time to help break the "stress cycle". The follow sample exercises are provided as examples of such skills that you can try to practice on your own or which may be recommended to you as part of therapy or biofeedback training : Samples of Relaxation Training Exercises

Some additional basic information and exercises that you can use to deal with stress are provided in the following "virtual brochures":
"The Doctor told me that stress caused my..."

Stressed Out Over Studying? Tests?

Test Stress

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What Does Biofeedback Do For Stress Management?

For more focused training in relaxation techniques, consider biofeedback through the KSU Danskin Center for Performance Enhancement.

What About the Impact of Stress on Athletes' Performace?

See performance enhancement techniques for sports for more information.