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Why Is A Focused Mind Important In Sports

What Can I Do To Enhance Performance

Services at the Performance Enhancement Clinic

Why Is A Focused Mind Important In Sports?

Physical and mental aspects of performance are interconnected. This interaction is crucial for a "peak performance." Personal/emotional concerns (depression, stress, etc.) can reduce the chance for successful outcomes.

Our performance Enhancement Clinic offers advancements in the mental aspects of athletic competition and performance. Research shows that mental training, in addition to physical training, can improve results much more than physical training alone.

Learn how to solve problems and manage individual concerns. Skills can be learned that create a positive self concept, focused attention, mental rehearsal, and high energy which can improve overall performance.

What Can I Do To Enhance Performance?

  • Learn to regulate the physical results of negative emotional states that are barriers.
  • Learn to control levels of anxiety that interfere with performance.
  • Learn to cope with physical injury and fears of recurrence.
  • Learn to improve motivation, focus, and concentration.
  • Learn to set goals and invent programs for reaching those goals.
  • Learn to handle setbacks in training or overcome personal limitations.
  • Transfer valuable athletic skills into other arenas such as academics and work.

Services at the Performance Enhancement Clinic

  • Individual Consultation
  • Career Counseling
  • Enhanced Academic Skills
  • Learning Assessment
  • Biofeedback: Guided Imagery and Visualization
  • Relaxation Training
  • Pain Management
  • Dealing with Mental Barriers

Classes in:

  • Career Planning
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Stress Management