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Higher Education: An Informational Newsletter Alcohol and Other Drug Education Service (AODES)

The major purpose of the K-State Alcohol and Other Drug Education Service newsletter called Higher Education is to provide accurate, timely information on the physical effects and social issues related to alcohol and other drug use. Please keep in mind that research on these matters continues daily and is subject to change.

Higher Education is produced with the intention of trying to keep campus consumers educated and informed on alcohol and other drug topics, not to diagnose or treat illness. For personal alcohol and other drug problems, please consult an alcohol/drug counselor, physician or psychologist.

Volume #1 of the Higher Education Newsletter was produced during the spring semester of 1993. Since that time, it has been produced during the spring, summer and fall semesters each year. In 1996 Higher Education was nationally cited as a program of excellence by Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol Strategies for America's Colleges and Universities.

The Newsletters are stored as pdf file and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program, you can download it.

Below is a listing of Higher Education Newsletters by date and primary topic(s):

Fall 2015:  Marijuana

Fall 2013:  “Molly” Ecstasy/MDMA

Summer 2013:  Safe Drinking Tips

Spring 2013:  Smokeless Tobacco

Fall 2012: Heroin

Summer 2012:  Bath Salts 

Spring 2012:  Prescription Drugs

Fall 2011:  "In the News"

Summer 2011:  Substance Use and Youth

Spring 2011:  Alcoholism:  Nature vs. Nurture

Fall 2010:  Alcohol + Caffeine

Summer 2010:  National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Spring 2010:  Alcohol and Women

Fall 2009:  In the News

Summer 2009:  Al-Anon and Alateen

Spring 2009:  Alcoholics Anonymous

Fall 2008:  "In the News"

Spring 2008:  Salvia Divinorum

Summer 2008:  Marijuana "Revisited"

Fall 2007:  Alcohol Poisoning

Summer 2007:  Ritalin

Spring 2007:  Drug Addiction Treatment

Fall 2006:  "In the News"

Summer 2006:  Oxycontin

Spring 2006:  Secondhand Smoke

Fall 2005:  Prescription Drug Abuse

Spring 2005:  Cocaine

Fall 2004:  Inhalants

Summer 2004:  Smoking Cessation

Spring 2004:  News Articles

Fall 2003:  Social Norms Report

Summer 2003:  Alcohol & Gambling

Spring 2003:  Physiological Effects II

Fall 2002:  Physiological Effects

Summer 2002:  Ecstasy

Spring 2002:  News Articles

Fall 2001:  Energy Drinks

Summer 2001:  Alcohol & Ethnic Groups

Fall 2000:  Club Drugs

Summer 2000:  Alcohol & Memory

Spring 2000:  K-State Surveys

Fall 1999:  Social Norms

Summer 1999:  Herbs

Spring 1999:  General Info

Fall 1998:  Drug Testing

Summer 1998:  Androstenedione

Spring 1998:  Alcohol & Sexual Assault

Fall 1997:  Opiates

Summer 1997:  Gamma

Spring 1997:  Dope

Fall 1996:  General Info

Summer 1996:  Alcohol & Work

Spring 1996:  Sexual Assault/Rohypnol

Fall 1995:  Hallucinogens

Summer 1995:  Caffeine

Spring 1995:  Secondary Binge Effects

Fall 1994:  Alcohol & Sex

Summer 1994:  Alcohol Men vs. Women

Spring 1994:  Tobacco

Fall 1993:  Marijuana/General Info

Summer 1993:  General Info

Spring 1993:  General Info