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Online Giving

Support Our Efforts

K-State Counseling Services is dedicated to helping all students reach their full potential – personally, academically, and socially. We do this within an accepting, sustaining and compassionate setting. Here we attend to the psychological needs of our students to alleviate concerns, facilitate problem solving, promote wellbeing, and enhance success.

Your support allows us to enhance the services we provide in ways we would not otherwise be able. Please consider making a donation today!

You may send your gift directly to: K-State Counseling Services, 232 English/Counseling Services Building, Manhattan, KS 66506-6503.
You may also make your donation online by using the links below to the following K-State Foundation accounts:

Fund C22050: Counseling Services Development Fund. This fund allows us to enhance services we provide to students.

Fund C16400: Applied Biofeedback Foundation Fund. The Biofeedback fund provides monetary support for the Danskin Center for Performance Enhancement housed within Counseling Services.

Fund C39515:  University Life Cafe Development Fund.  This fund allows us to expand on the services provided by the University Life Cafe website and other programming. 

Your support of the Counseling Services and of our mission is greatly appreciated!