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Counseling Services


Crisis Response

Examples of crisis consultations provided by Counseling Services:

  • assisting campus personnel with identifying students who may be distressed and outlining possible options to address issues,
  • providing grief and loss teams to meet with groups who are affected by death or trauma,
  • responding in a timely fashion to crises effecting the campus community.

Counselors are available during office hours to answer questions or consult about options. When appropriate, same day appointments for students in crisis may be offered. Call (785) 532-6927 and ask for the on-call counselor.

If you are seeking information about identifying students who may be distressed and/or making referrals to Counseling Services, check out our when to refer a student.


Consultation is offered to all personnel who influence the learning and development of K-State students. We are available to faculty, staff, administration, and student leaders to consult about issues that interfere with the learning process and to refer to resources on campus or the community that may be of assistance such as the Employee Relations Office in the Office of Human Resources at KSU, the Office of Academic Personnel in Human Capital Services, the Office of Institutional Equity, and others as appropriate.

Call (785) 532-6927 with your consultation request.