For Advisers: Using the College Learning Effectiveness Inventory with Your Students

The College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI) is an inventory designed to measure individual attitudes, behaviors, and dispositions related academic activity. Developed at K-State and based on research showing the key areas predicting college student success, this tool can help you and the student zero-in on their strengths and weaknesses to create a plan for more efficient progress in college.

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The CLEI manual will give you more details about how the instrument was developed.

Before you use it with your students, we recommend that you take it yourself so you will be familiar with the process and can see your own profile results!

Take the CLEI

  1. Click on the link above for the CLEI and, using your K-State eID, register and begin the questions.
  2. When you complete all the items, you will receive your personal CLEI profile; this provides information that describes your individual strengths and weaknesses on the six areas of learning behaviors.
  3. Be sure to print out your results once you complete the assessment as you will need it later when you review these slides in the handout and when you work with the CLEI Workbook.

CLEI Program of Change Workbook
The CLEI Program of Change Workbook serves as guide as you work on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

To access the Program of Change Workbook:

  1. Access the first part of the workbook at
  2. At the bottom of that page in order to access the Survey of Areas for Improvement (SAI)/Part Two of the workbook, you will need to first create an account with ULC at (; then use your ULC ID and password when asked in the online workbook to access the program of change section at

Once you have completed the workbook, you will get a summary page of all your answers that can be printed out for your later use/review.

Additional Resources

The VARK is a learning styles inventory that may help a person clarify their style and what they need to do in order to be more effective in their studies.