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What IS the At-Risk Program?

At-Risk is a web-based gatekeeper training simulation designed to teach faculty/staff to effectively identify, approach, and refer students struggling or in mental distress.

What Makes At-Risk Unique?

At-Risk is the only available training product that allows users to learn by engaging in simulated conversations with virtual students who show symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia and thoughts of suicide. As a result, users are better able to handle similar situations in real life.

How long does it take to go through the training?

Users can access the training in their own time and work at their own pace; it usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the training if done at one sitting. However, if interrupted, you can stop and return at any time to finish.

How can I access this program?

For the main faculty/staff training module, which takes about 45 minutes, , please click the following link and open your own  account using the "enrollment key" provided below:


Enrollment Key: ksu61

After going through this main At-Risk Training, you can take the next training to  learn how to help create a supportive campus for veteran students. Our college community is becoming increasingly aware of the unique challenges facing our returning student veteran population and the negative impact it can have on their health and academic performance.

The Veterans On Campus module: In this 30-minute course, you will learn how to manage a class discussion around a veteran sensitive topic and help a student veteran who is struggling academically in the class. You will need to enroll separately for this even if you had previously taken the At-Risk general training. Please click the following link and open an account using the enrollment key provided below:


Enrollment key: ksu61

Counseling Services, the Office of Student Life, and the SafeZone program are pleased to be able to offer this training to you!  Please contact if you have questions about the program but if you have technical concerns about the program, please contact


How you can become a SafeZone Ally

Though the SafeZone program assisted in bringing At-Risk and the Veterans On Campus training to K-State, completing these online trainings does not make one a SafeZone ally. If not already an ally and you are interested in become one, please check out that website at for details.

For other useful information and helpful resources, please check out the Counseling Services website at and our university community at



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