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Office of Corporate Engagement


The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization serves as the commercialization agent for the Kansas State University Research Foundation

Licensing leader

The institute is one of the licensing leaders in the Big 12 and has commercialized the university’s intellectual property portfolio since 1995. During the past 10 years, licensing efforts have generated about $12 million in direct revenue back to the university. Learn about licensing at the Institute for Commercialization. 

Corporate partnerships

The institute can be your strategic partner to help maximize the financial value of corporate intellectual property portfolios. The institute supports such institutions as Wichita State University, MRIGlobal and other private companies. 

Co-location opportunities

Purposeful integration of industry and academic personnel in a dedicated space for active research has been found to encourage idea exchange by reducing communication and cultural barriers. K-State offers a variety of opportunities for industry to co-locate on the Manhattan, Olathe and Salina campuses.

The KSU Office Park

The KSU Office Park offers a prime location for corporate partners with a desire to tap into the opportunities available on the Manhattan campus.  Positioned in close proximity to existing cutting-edge research facilities and the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, corporate partners will have the chance to build professional relationships as well as leverage the strengths of KSU in the areas of student talent and technical innovation.

Office Park

Kansas State Bulk Solids Innovation Center

Bulk solids make up more than 80 percent of items transported around the world, yet formal education and research about the science of these materials is not completely understood. The Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center is a valued resource to companies that design and utilize systems for bulk solids. The center is used to study and gain understanding of how to handle these materials, and in turn, will enhance efficiency and productiveness in those businesses’ operations.

 Bulk Solids Innovation Center

K-State Olathe

Kansas State University Olathe is more than just a campus — it’s a stakeholder in the community. Professionals in the Kansas City metro area come here to collaborate with industry, earn a master's degree or graduate certificate, advance in their careers and become a solid asset in their organization. K-State Olathe works with area K-12 schools as well as local industry to ensure tomorrow's leaders have the necessary education and skills for success. We're here for Greater Kansas City because of Greater Kansas City, and we're proud to serve.

K-State Olathe