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Copyright Basics

This module is an introduction to copyright law. After completing the video you should:

  • Have a basic understanding of copyright law.
  • Recognize what is and isn't covered by copyright.

Practice questions are available to quiz yourself after viewing the video.



1. Which statement best captures the essence of copyright law as it applies to an educational settings?

 a) I can use any material I want for educational purposes.
 b) I can use anything I find on the internet.
 c) Exemptions such as Fair Use should be explored, and I should seek permission from the creator if they are not applicable.
 d) I can use only work that are in the public domain.
2. Which of the following is not protected under copyright laws?
  a) A figure from a journal article published online.
  b) A table of data from a journal article published online.
  c) Stock Market data for the last 6 months taken from Yahoo!
  d) A video from You Tube.



        1. c
        2. c