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Alternatives to Copyrighted Materials

The modules explore the other options available outside of using materials that are copyrighted. After watching the video you should:

  • Be familiar with alternative to copyrighted materials.
  • Recognize how to find items with Creative Commons Licenses.

Practice questions are available to quiz yourself after viewing the video.



1. Works published before this date are considered to be in the public domain

a) 1977
b) 1923
c) 1989
d) 2000

2. K-State Libraries subscribe to several databases that offer digital content

a) That can be integrated into course content.
b) That can be used only by faculty and students affiliated with K-State.
c) That can be used within PowerPoint and other lecture formats.
d) All of the above.

3. Materials licensed under Creative Commons

a) Can only be used for non-commercial use.
b) Have no restriction on use.
c) Are not under copyright.
d) May have a variety of allowed use without the need to seek permission.



1. b
2. d
3. c