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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest
Office of the Provost and
Senior Vice President
Kansas State University
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Examples of Options for Management Plans

  • Public disclosure of the financial interests of Investigators in a research sponsor on all publications and in oral presentations.
  • Annual or more frequent report to the COI Committee of status and changes in the relationship and the research.
  • Reformulation/modification of the protocol.
  • Monitoring of research by an independent reviewer(s).
  • Double blind data analysis.
  • Disclosure in informed consent forms and to human subjects who are participating in clinical trials.
  • Informed consent from human subjects obtained by person(s) other than investigator and supervisees.
  • Data analysis and interpretation by independent reviewers or review of raw data and manuscript by an external independent reviewer.
  • Close monitoring of the conduct of the research by an oversight body.
  • Divestiture of relevant personal interests in the research sponsor.
  • Disqualification of the investigator's involvement in all or part of the project.
  • Protection of the academic rights and interests of students/fellows, if any are involved in the project.
  • Severance of the external relationship.


Distinction between the management plans for basic bench research and clinical research involving human subjects should be made.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest and Time Commitment Forms

In order to comply with federal regulations and Board of Regents (BOR) policy, Kansas State University (KSU) requires all unclassified faculty and staff with 100% time appointments to annually file Annual Declaration and Disclosure. Faculty and unclassified staff members who hold fractional appointments who have potential or possible conflicts of time or conflicts or interest are also required to file disclosure forms.

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