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Institutional Biosafety Committee


At KSU, membership on the IBC is appointed by Vice President for Research and Institutional Official (IO). Membership consists of the Chairperson, faculty, and at least two community members, all of which serve at the pleasure of the IO. The IBC as a whole represents collective expertise and research experience in biohazardous materials and biosafety in experiments that may pose potential risks to health or the environment. Regulations of the NIH/ committee information.

IBC Committee Members

Harold Trick, Committee Chair
Plant Pathology

Brooke Bloomberg
Comparative Medicine Group

Ron Bridges
Public Safety, Safety Officer

Cheryl Doerr
University Research Compliance Office

Roman Ganta
Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology

Julie Johnson
University Responsible Official
BRI Biosafety Officer

William Kennedy III
Community Member

Phillip Klebba

Denver Marlow
Comparative Medicine Group

Thu Annelise Nguyen
Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Earl J. Reppert
Community Member

Heath Ritter
University Research Compliance Office

Mylissia Smith
College of Agriculture

Dana Vanlandingham

William Wilson


Maggie Behnke
University Research Compliance Office

Barbara Drolet (William Wilson Alternate)