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Confidential/Sensitive Research Committee

CSRC Membership

The Confidential/Sensitive Research Committee formulates and implements university policies regarding activities proposed by KSU faculty and staff that involves information deemed to be of a nature that general access or distribution of such information would be restricted, inadvisable, illegal, or contraindicated (Section G51 Classified Research, Faculty Handbook). This could include formally classified material, confidential information, business sensitive information, intellectual property, etc. The CSRC will meet at the call of the Chair to review applications to the committee. The University Research Compliance Office maintains this site to enhance access to information pertinent to the Kansas State University research involving confidential and sensitive research, and is continually under development and revision. We try to keep the information timely and accurate and will make every effort to correct errors brought to our attention.

CSRC Committee Members

Beth Montelone, Committee Chair
Arts & Sciences, Dean's Office

Cheryl Doerr
University Research Compliance Office

The committee is being reformed. Updates will be posted soon.