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March 18, 2004
Room 205 K-State Union


Members Present

Tony Crawford, Kurt Gartner, David Hillier, Bryan Kraus, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell, Beverly Page, Jane Rowlett, Gail Simmonds, John Streeter, Roger Terry, and Sue Zschoche.  Visitors: Carol Shanklin and John Wu

Members Absent

Erik Ankrom, Al Cochran, Yar Ebadi, Mike Haddock, Terry King, Larry Moeder, Keith Ratzloff, Harvard Townsend, and Dean Zollman, and Cheryl Strecker, ex officio.


  1. Chair Littrell opened the meeting at 1:30 p.m.   Tony Crawford proposed the following corrections to the minutes, section III, a:  “…under the direction of the Graduate School to establish a policy that would require students to submit an electronic copy of their completed dissertation and these.” A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the January 29, 2004 meeting.  Motion passed with corrections.

  2. Announcements

    1. Rowlett reported K-State is hosting a live satellite conference April 22, 1:30 – 3:00 CT from the University of Maryland entitled “Making Online Teaching and Learning Accessible,” this conference will be video streamed to reach more people.

    2. Other announcements – none reported

  3. Discussion/Update Items

    1. Electronic dissertations and theses – Guest Carol Shanklin, Assistant Dean of Graduate School, provided background information on the initiation of electronic dissertations and theses submission.  There was discussion regarding implementation, submission requirements, training needs, pilot programs and use of the Virginia Tech model.  Questions arose regarding use of K-State Online, security issues, and costs involved.  Shanklin indicated once some of the issues involved have been addressed, open forum discussions will be conducted for faculty and students.

    2. Accessibility of online courses and distance education courses – Rowlett provided an update regarding the accessibility policy.  The policy is being drafted by a committee with input from campus groups.  Gould will determine the costs involved for iTAC and Holden will be involved on behalf of Disability Support Services.  Gail Simmonds indicated that aviation schools may opt out of the ADA requirements and will look into this requirement.

    3. E-Mail Policy – It was moved to approve the changes to the e-mail policy regarding how students can un-publish their e-mail addresses, motion carried.  The policy changes will be forwarded through the necessary process for publication in PPM.

    4. Portal Update – Rowlett reported that the University Portal Committee is scheduled to meet on March 30th.  An update on the progress of the portal will be given.  Rowlett further reported that Oracle provided a 3-day training session, which was very beneficial.  A SWAT team has been created to determine if Oracle will continue to be used in the development of the Portal.

    5. Proposed policy on Information Integration – Hillier provided a copy of this policy for review and discussion at the April 15th IRMC meeting.  A title change to this policy was proposed and accepted; “Policy for access authorization to University digital data and systems.”  It was requested that the policy be e-mailed to committee members for review and posted, in “draft” form, on the IRMC website.

    6. Other Items – none reported

  4. Committee Updates

    1. Web Issues – no report given

    2. Security – no report given

    3. III – no report given

  5. Other Business – Sue Zschoche expressed concern regarding the discontinuation of paper TEVALs.  Zschoche indicated that faculty were not involved in this decision and were concerned about the outcome of going to online TEVAL completion.  Simmonds indicated that FSCOT should address this issue.  It was suggested that Faculty Senate Leadership be contacted regarding this issue.

  6. Adjournment -- The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Future IRMC meetings (1:30 – 3:00)

April 15, Union 205