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November 13, 2003
Room 204 K-State Union


Members Present

Erik Ankrom, Tony Crawford, Yar Ebadi, David Hillier, Ron Semarge (for Bryan Kraus), Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell, Beverly Page, Jane Rowlett, John Streeter, Roger Terry, Harvard Townsend, Dean Zollman, Gail Simmonds (via video conferencing) and Sue Zschoche.


Members Absent

Al Cochran, Kurt Gartner, Mike Haddock, Terry King, Larry Moeder, Keith Ratzloff, and Cheryl Strecker. 


Chair Littrell opened the meeting at 1:30 p.m. and asked that everyone introduce himself or herself.  Littrell provided the committee with an overview of the history and purpose of IRMC.  The committee was formed in 1996 with the primary purpose of providing broad representation and input in the development and endorsement of information technology policy.  The council has several subcommittees that address specific issues and policy matters. 

Dr. Beth Unger, VPAST, thanked the council for all their work and for their willingness to serve on the council.  She discussed future issues with the council.  These issues include the following:

Identity theft and related security issues

Privacy matters

Managed computing (requirements/standards for those wanting to add to the network)

Regulating digital LANs

Security architecture

Disaster recovery plan

Security auditing required by federal government

Portal policy development 

Gary Leitnaker indicated that the current IT policies should be in the PPM.  Rowlett indicated she would revise the policy review procedure guidelines to include final posting of all IT policies in the PPM.  She indicated that she would meet with Warren Straus and have the current policies added to the PPM.  The current policies can be accessed from the VPAST new website at  Also, Rowlett indicated that the IRMC website can be accessed at

The IRMC website includes a current list of the membership, agendas, minutes, IT policies, subcommittee members, any draft policies under review, and a link to the VPAST website.  

Web Issues Subcommittee

Rowlett agreed to continue to chair this committee.  Portal development and web accessibility will continue to be on this agenda.

The Integrated Information Initiative (III) subcommittee

David Hillier will continue to chair this committee. 

Security Subcommittee

Littrell will appoint a new chair for this committee.  Gary Leitnaker indicated that since he is heading up the Data Modeling committee he would like to be replaced as chair of this subcommittee.  Leitnaker also indicated that a draft policy on Data Resource Stewards (DRS) will be forthcoming.  


Littrell will announce the date for the December meeting.