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December 18, 2003
Room 205 K-State Union


Members Present

Erik Ankrom, Tony Crawford, Mike Haddock, David Hillier, Bryan Kraus, Gary Leitnaker, Jane Rowlett, Gail Simmonds (via video conferencing), John Streeter, Roger Terry, Harvard Townsend, and Dean Zollman.

Members Absent

Al Cochran, Yar Ebadi, Kurt Gartner, Terry King, Laurel Littrell, Larry Moeder, Beverly Page, Keith Ratzloff, Cheryl Strecker, and Sue Zschoche.

  1. In Chair Littrell’s absence Jane Rowlett opened the meeting at 1:30 p.m. and introduced Warren Strauss, Director of Internal Auditing.

  2. Minutes of the November 13th meeting were read and approved.

  3. Announcements:

    1. Harvard Townsend reported that password change would occur January 1 – February 11, 2004.

    2. No one participated in the EDUCAUSE free online seminar.

    3. Rowlett reported that with the help of Warren Strauss, the IT Policies are now posted in the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM).  Links to these policies have been directed to the PPM.

  4. Discussion/Update Items

    1. IT Audit – Warren Strauss gave an overview of the audit that was conducted by the Federal Auditors.  Their findings indicated concern for the departments on campus that have their own systems and the lack of control over them.  In response to this audit, Strauss met with Tom Rawson and Beth Unger regarding the need for an IT auditor.  Rawson and Unger are currently reviewing an IT auditor position description based on the Federal Information Systems Audit manual.

    2. Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) – John Streeter gave background information on the development of the first DRP.  The DRP identifies the weak spots but does not provide a plan to correct these potential problems.  Streeter expressed the need for continual updating to this plan and the lack of time and resources to adequately accomplish the updates.  Rowlett indicated that the State of Kansas requires a DRP to be on file, at least at the BOR.  Roger Terry suggested that the new positions (IT auditor and IT security group) be given the function of looking at the DRP to ensure its compliance.  Streeter will begin updating the DRP.

    3. Gramm Leach Bliley Act – Jane Rowlett gave background of this Federal Trade Commission act that required compliance on May 23, 2003.  The GLB applies to KSU because we deal with student loans, personal tax information, and credit card transactions on campus.  Tom Rawson, Dick Seaton, and Beth Unger developed the KSU Information Security Plan in response to the GLB Act.  Harvard Townsend suggested the IT Security Group review and comment on the KSU Information Security Plan.

    4. Security – Harvard Townsend provided an update of the computer crime that was committed against KSU.

  5. Committee Updates and Assignments

    1. Web Issues – Jane Rowlett reported there is a group that will be meeting to discuss the accessibility of mediated education.

      Portal Development Team is planning on beta testing the K-State portal in January or February.  Rowlett described portal polices that will need to be addressed, such as, portal branding, style guides, and page development. 

    2. Security – Gary Leitnaker reported that the group had not yet met but would review the GLB Act before the January IRMC meeting.

    3. III – Data Resource Stewards will be meeting in January 2004 and will also review the Kansas State University Information Security Plan.

  6. Other Business

    Harvard Townsend reported the dot matrix printers, currently available in Hale Library for students use, will be removed in March 2004.  However, in January the introduction of laser printers will be made.  The students will be able to print 100 free copies on the laser printers per semester with cost for additional copies being 10 cents per copy.  Some cost adjustments may be made after the use is analyzed.

    Roger Terry inquired about the Microsoft class action suit.  It was suggested having Cheryl Strecker give an update at the January IRMC meeting.

    January Agenda items:

    • Update on the Microsoft class action suit
    • Update on the implementation of electronic submission of theses and dissertations.

  7. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.


Future IRMC meetings (1:30 – 3:00)

  • January 29, Union 204
  • March 18, Union 205
  • April 15, Union 205