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Minutes: October 17, 2002


Laurell Littrell (Chair), Tony Crawford, Don Foster, Kay Garrett, Gary Leitnaker, Beth Montelone, Jane Rowlett, Gail Simmonds, John Streeter, Harvard Townsend, Dean Zollman

Laurel Littrell called the meeting to order at 1:35 in Room 201, Anderson Hall

  1. Announcements
    1. Littrell introduced Beth Montelone to the Council as the representative from the Faculty Senate on Technology; she also mentioned that the Council’s membership is finalized in November at which time she anticipates that there will be more faculty representation on IRMC.

    2. Leitnaker announced that the Human Resources system was taken down at noon to upgrade the Web based system; it will be up next week and will include a feature that will enable staff to access and make changes to certain types of information in the system.
  2. Discussion items/preview of coming year
    1. Integrated Information Initiative (III). Hillier submitted a written report to Littrell describing how the III will be incorporated in one location in order to better coordinate the efforts.

    2. Portal. Rowlett reported that the Portal Development Task Force was being kept in place while the project is delayed because of funding issues. Townsend commented that an implementation team is working on the plan to install Portal and that a server is on order; the plan is being prepared to submit to Vice Provost Unger; he emphasized that while funds for Portal had been cut, the infrastructure was still in place. Change to Discussion took place about the move to replace KSU.Edu with K-State Edu; FSCOT and CITAC are meeting about the change which is appears to be image driven rather than technology driven. Numerous concerns were expressed about the proposed change.

    3. K-State Enterprise Authentication System (KEAS). Townsend explained that KEAS is in the middle of being implemented and the system will replace the number of Ids and passwords to move towards a single sign-in environment.

    4. Security issues. Leitnaker reported that he is in the process of finalizing future meetings of the committee.

    5. Wireless policy. A temporary policy is being reviewed by the security committee.

    6. E-mail server problems. Townsend explained how the overload of in-box messages created problems and that individuals with large numbers of messages were contacted after which messages were moved to other locations as a temporary solution. The problem is returning and individuals will receive notices in an attempt to rectify the situation.

    7. Filtering pornography. A problem has arisen in the coffee shop area at the entrance of the Union where pornography has been viewed; because this is a highly public area and not a computer lab, for example, an internet filter is being installed on those computers.

  3. Committee reports. Information related to the standing committees was covered in the discussion items above.

  4. Other business
    1. Meeting schedule. Littrell provided the meeting dates for the years and noted that all of them will take place on Thursdays from 1:30-3:00 in Union 205; the dates are as follows: Nov 14, Dec 19, Jan 16, Feb 20, Mar 13, and Apr 17.

    2. Simmonds requested that attempts be made to provide the Salina campus with more dial-up access to events and meetings at Manhattan; Littrell will send a memo to Vice Provost Unger about this matter.

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Tony Crawford