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Minutes: November 14, 2002



Tony Crawford, Kay Garrett, David Hillier, Terry King, Bryan Kraus, Gary Leitnaker, Gail Simmonds, Roger Terry, Harvard Townsend, Beth Unger

  1. Townsend chaired the meeting in Laurel Littrell's absence and announced that this was the first "official" IRMC meeting of the year.
  2. Minutes of October 17 were approved with several minor corrections
  3. Announcements
    1. Townsend reported that the e-mail inbox size limit of 20 megabytes has been implemented; individuals with inboxes over this limit will be given a week's notice to reduce the capacity before the messages will be moved to another location (no messages will be lost).
    2. Leitnaker announced that the Human Resources payroll system is up and running and that "self-service" is forthcoming.
    3. Hillier announced that three openings in Data Administration had been filled.
    4. Unger told the committee that the process for initiating the Geographic Information System (GIS) is underway with the formation of a steering committee; four speakers are coming to campus to give presentations about GIS, Townsend will send committee members information about these programs.

  4. Discussion items
    1. Vice Provost Unger met with the committee to discuss upcoming issues for the committee to address. She prefaced her remarks by noting that IRMC was established to review polices in place as well as to recommend new ones. Before identifying specific issues for the year, Unger noted that polices will have to be put in place for III (Integrated Information Initiative) to provide information to the university in one virtual data base from a number of broad areas, such as class work and research data, and that a model needs to be developed for individual data bases on campus so that all data can be accessed and controlled in terms of format, security, etc. She identified the following six issues as important for the coming year:
      1. Multiple Ids for individuals and the security and privacy issues they create
      2. Mobile access and the wireless policy for the numerous devices that can access K-State's system
      3. Allocation of storage space for data
      4. Scholar's desk and its future impact on technology
      5. Projects and their inclusion in III
      6. Procedures as a component of IRMC's function

    Hillier stated that his staff is working on some of these issues and that information about their progress will be distributed to the university.

    VPAST Unger handed out a copy of the draft KSU Information Resource Management Policy of 1998 and stressed the need to work with those involved to have it implemented. She will meet with IRMC again to discuss this matter.

  5. Committee reports
  1. Security. Discussion centered on the draft, "Kansas State University Wireless Local Area Network Policy;" several people on campus expressed concern about the policy and Townsend clarified that the policy does not exclude individual faculty from being connected to the WLAN (after VPAST approval) as long as their wireless devices do not interfere with teaching and research applications, which take precedence; CNS will work to mitigate any problems.

Before adjourning, the issue of low attendance at the meetings was raised. It was agreed that the transition period between old and new members on the committee could be part of the problem, but Littrell is to review the make-up of the committee and contact those who should be in attendance to inform them about the meeting dates.

Submitted by,

Tony Crawford