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Information Resource Management Council Meeting Minutes
Thursday March 14, 2002
Room 205 K-State Union
1:15 – 3:00 p.m


  1. Welcome/Introductions/Announcements-Jane Rowlett distributed information about the call for proposals and upcoming technology conference to be held April 15 and 16 in the K-State Union Courtyard. 
  2. Approval of February 14, 2002 IRMC Meeting Minutes-the minutes were approved with one minor revision.  It was noted that Chuck Gould is the project manager and not the project coordinator for the KEAS project. 
  3. Discussion Items
    1. Bryan Kraus, Privacy Policy-Bryan was not able to attend.  He will be rescheduled for the April meeting.
    2. Patriot’s Act- Harv Townsend reported on the Patriot’s Act.  It was suggested that the Security Committee review our existing policies relative to this act.  It was also suggested that department heads be informed of the appropriate action to take in the event they are confronted with a request for information.  Rowlett indicated that Dr. Unger was planning to notify all administrators on the A and K list of the Act and to outline the appropriate action to take. 

      Townsend reported there was pending state legislation that may require fingerprinting staff that had access to computing assets.  Gary L. indicated he did not think this would apply to KSU. 

      Townsend also indicated there was pending legislation relative to anti-spaming. 

  4. Web Accessibility Follow-up—Rowlett shared the results of a recent electronic survey conducted by the Web Accessibility Committee. The survey was sent to 122 members of the A and K list.  There was a 50% response rate.  Of those responding, 38% indicated that their home page was completely accessible, 40% indicated it was being revised to make it accessible, and 14% had plans in place to make it accessible.  She also indicated that at the two-day technology conference there would be a booth set up to assist departments or faculty with questions about their sites.

Meeting was adjourned. 

Next Meeting

Thursday April 18, 2002
Union 205, 1:15 – 3:00 p.m.