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Information Resource Management Council
Minutes: January 17, 2002
K-State Union 205



Bell, Crawford, Dyer, Foster, Hillier, Leitnaker, Littrell (Chair), Pickrell, Ratzloff, Rowlett, Schellhardt, Simmonds, Strecker, Streeter, Terry, Townsend, Wallentine, Zollman

  1. Announcements

    1. Littrell pointed out the following upcoming events

      1. Jan 29: VPAST Lecture Series, KAN-ED lecture by Jerry Niebaum, 2:30 pm, Hale Library Hemisphere Room
      2. Feb 12: VPAST Lecture Series: K-State Enterprise Authentication System presentation by Chuck Gould, Harvard Townsend, and Neil Erdwein; 2:30 pm, Hale Library Hemisphere Room
      3. Townsend announced the the KAN-ED Plan had been endorsed by the Board of Regents and Board of Education; funding is not available at this time
    2. Strecker discussed her role as a representative of the University Attorney’s office on IRMC. She      serves as an ex-officio member to provide advice to IRMC on behalf of the University, and she does not participate in making policy.

  2. Approval of the December 13, 2001 minutes was tabled

  3. Old business

    1. Web-Site Accessibility (Guests: Gretchen Holden, Andrea Blair, Janelle Corkill)

      Guests from Disability Student Services and committee members discussed the issues of making web-sites accessible to students with disabilities. It was noted that the University does make a reasonable effort to make information accessible, but that there is not enough resources to assist students and faculty to provide support for web-site accessibility in the manner in which other ADA obligations are addressed. A letter will be sent to Dr. Unger requesting that CITAC be responsible for finding the resources to provide this support. Rowlett, Zollman, Streeter, and Ratzloff agreed to serve as a web-issues committee.


Submitted by,

Tony Crawford