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Information Resource Management Council Meeting
Thursday February 14, 2002
Room 205 K-State Union
1:15 3:00 p.m. 


Discussion Items

  1. KEAS: K-State Enterprise Authentication System- Harvard Townsend, Neil Erdwien, and Chuck Gould made a presentation on the KEAS Project. Chuck Gould is the project manager. The goal is to build a university-wide directory and authentication service to support authorized access to university information technology resources. Several questions followed relative to the related policy issues.
  2. IRMC Committee Assignments- The committee assignments are complete with the exception of faculty representation. Cia Verschelden, President of Faculty Senate will be providing Laurel the names of faculty members to serve.
  3. Wireless Policy status- Gary Leitnaker's committee will be reviewing the interim Wireless Policy as soon as a faculty representative has been named to the committee. The interim policy is being followed until such time as IRMC can recommend/endorse a final policy.
  4. Web Accessibility Follow-up- Jane Rowlett and Dean Zollman presented a statement relative to accommodating disabled students requiring access to electronic course information. The statement was amended and reads as follows:

The University is committed to enabling all students to have access to all instructional materials, including those materials based on contemporary technology. Providing accessible electronic instructional materials cannot be the responsibility of individual faculty members.

We request that the University Administration assure the faculty/university community that assistance in providing reasonable accommodations for access to electronic information and instructional materials will be treated in a similar manner as the practice of providing assistance for access to information and instructional materials. In effect, the university's commitment to accommodating disabled students must extend to electronic means of communication and instruction.

It was moved by Virgil Wallentine and seconded by Gail Simmonds that the amended statement be forwarded to Dr. Unger.

Laurel indicated that Brian Kraus has been invited to attend the next meeting. Brian will be presenting a proposed privacy policy for review by IRMC.

Next Meeting is Thursday March 14, 2002, Union 205, 1:15 3:00 p.m.