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Minutes: December 19, 2002



Tony Crawford, Ruth Dyer, David Hillier, Bryan Kraus, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell (Chair), Beth Montelone, Gail Simmonds, Roger Terry, Harvard Townsend, Beth Unger, Virg Wallentine, Dean Zollman

The minutes of November 14 were approved as corrected.


  1. Regarding the three new positions in Data Administration that were announced at the last meeting as being filled, Hillier reported that one of the persons took another position.

  2. Townsend announced that pieces of the storage area network arrived; KEAS was still under development, but should be ready by January 6, 2003.

  3. Littrell reported that the wireless policy is in the process of being reviewed by the appropriate groups on campus.

  4. Discussion items

Unger will report to the Council at the next meeting.

IRMC Committees

Littrell summarized that the bulk of the Council’s work is done in the three permanent committees–Web Issues, Security, and III; Kurt Gartner form the Dept. of Music has been appointed to IRMC as a Faculty Senate representative.

Web Issues

Jane Rowlett agreed to chair this committee and some of the issues it addressed last year were: accessibility, especially ADA; e-commerce; Portal.

Security Committee

Chair Leitnaker summarized how this committee had functioned under various committee names since IRMC was created and had written several major policies that are now in place; the committee takes a “broad stroke” approach when preparing guidelines; no issues are under consideration at this time, but another member needs to be appointed to the committee.

Integrated Information Initiative (III).

Hillier, chair, reported that the committee focused on principles rather than details, and the staff was working on standards and building bridges between existing systems; Larry Moeder and Bryan Kraus are new members of the committee.

Littrell opened the floor for discussion about issues that needed to be addressed and what approaches should be taken.The following were among the issues raised by Council members:

  1. Townsend will be addressing access issues including who is eligible for access; allocation of storage space for data is also a major concern especially the ability to forecast storage needs as new systems are added.

  2. Hillier will be involved with authorization issues.

  3. Unger stated that she was concerned with authorization issues and who makes authorization decisions, and how a structure and guidelines should be determined.

  4. Wallentine expressed concern over the data in academic departments and the lack of appropriate security, storage, and back up capabilities.

  5. The question was raised about existing groups that could tackle some of the new issues, CITAC in particular.


Reported by,

Tony Crawford